Brand Identity & Positioning

At Big Idea, we treat the client’s brand as our own. As creators of big ideas, our passion is to work with our clients to position, build and grow their brands through strategic, well thought-out planning and creative execution.

One of our passions is to facilitate internal brand change management communication activities through creative activities to keep staff informed, motivated and inspired Once the brand is established internally, taking care of the brand externally becomes easy.

We believe brand building starts from the inside out, and your biggest asset is employee brand ambassadors.


Brand assessment

We access your current brand and target audience to determine if your brand effectively communicates and portrays what your clients want to hear.


Conceptualise, develop and implement brand positioning campaign

We determine and implement through-the-line strategic activities to achieve desired brand position.


Corporate Identity development & Corporate Identity guide 

The outcome of the assessment and positioning strategy leads to the development of a corporate identity and provides guidelines to assure brand establishment and consistent through-the-line use.


Corporate Identity application to stationery


Collateral and digital media development, including websites

Design collateral and digital media in-line with positioning strategy and corporate identity.



Application to signage, vehicle branding and banners

Corporate clothing and gifts

Big Idea also sources corporate gifts and clothing.

Relook Your Brand Messaging and Achieve Success