Consulting and Strategic

Big Idea consult and support large, medium and small businesses with the development, implementation and management of marketing and communication strategies, campaigns and special projects, from conception to implementation.

Big Idea makes a difference where it matters. We manage special marketing and communication projects and campaigns on behalf of our clients to relieve them from the cost to appoint additional resources, or overloading management and staff, freeing clients to do what they are best at – running their businesses.

As a marketing and communication consultancy, we take our clients’ marketing and communication campaign and, or special project planning and execution burdens away. We research and gather information, plan and execute projects and campaigns successfully with great consideration to our clients’ needs. This ensures that a clients’  managers and project team members are able to continue with their day-to-day business operations.

Big Idea creates exceptional results through an independent and transparent process,
effective and timeous delivery of projects and campaigns through thorough planning and strategising.

Our Consulting & Strategic services include:

Development of internal, external communication, marketing and campaign strategies.

Management of strategy implementation, including specialised projects and campaigns.

Marketing and communication campaign management.

Special project management.

Communication and marketing special projects consulting and management.

Consulting on specialised internal and external communication solutions, such as apps, enterprise social network solutions, etc.

Resource recommendation/ election and facilitating project management of implementation of specialised solutions.

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